Panel Discussions

Panels will take place on
Friday and Saturday, February 21st and 22nd, 2020
in Michigan State University’s Main Library, 2nd & 3rd Floor West

Friday, February 21, 2020
Roundtable Discussions

1:00 – 2:15 PM
Graphic Narrative Network: Comics in Translation
Chair: Lynn Wolff
John Benjamin (Westpoint)
Julia Ludewig (Allegheny College)
Brett Sterling (University of Arkansas)
Amelia Stieren (MSU)

2:20-3:35 PM
Comics and the Digital Humanities
“Exploring Comics as Collections at Scale”
Chair: Julian Chambliss
Scout Calvert (Data Librarian, MSU Library)
Devin Higgins (Digital Library Programmer, MSU Library)
Ranti Junus (Systems Librarian, MSU Library)
Kristen Mapes (Asst. Dir. DH, CAL)
Kate Topham (Digital Humanities Archivist, CAL).

3:40-5:00 PM
Comics and the Archive
Chair: Zack Kruse
Justin Wigard (Michigan State University)
Michael Stokes (Michigan State University)
Bruno Ford (Michigan State University)

Saturday, February 22, 2020
Panel Discussions

Session A
10:30 – 11: 50AM

Beal Room (3rd floor) Panel 1: Monstrous and Utopian Femininity
Chair: Nicole McCleese

  • Whitney Porter, Kent State University
    “Monsters as Medicine: The Healing Power of Monsters and Comics in My Favorite Thing is Monsters”
  • Lillian Marie Martinez, University of Florida
    “‘She, Who Shattered the World’: Facing the Monstrous-Feminine in Liu and Takeda’s Monstress”
  • John Petrus, Grinnell College
    “Monstrous Beauty: The Alternative Aesthetic of Difference in Emil Ferris’ My Favorite Thing is Monsters”
  • Jessica Baldanzi, Goshen College
    “Tillie Walden’s On a Sunbeam: The Promise and Perils of Utopian Bodies, Spaces, and Genres”

– — —– — –

Real Classroom (3rd floor) Panel 2: Spanish Language Comics
Chair: Rocío Quispe-Agnoli

  • Maria Fernanda Diaz-Basteris, Cornell College
    “Puerto Rican Graphic Narratives and the Colonial Disaster”
  • Brittany Tullis, St. Ambrose University
    “Memory, Indigeneity, and Social Justice in the Comics of Jesús Cossio”
  • Gabriel Guzmán Camacho, The Ohio State University
    “Periférica Blvd and Urban Passions: The Social Relations and the Urban Space as a Scenario for Affective Violence”
  • Mikel Bermello Isusi, The Ohio State University
    “Questioning the I, Questioning the Gaze: The Case of ‘El arte de volar’ and ‘El ala rota’, by Antonio Altarriba and Kim”

– — —– — –

Digital Scholarship Lab 201-J (2nd floor) Panel 3: Female Characters are More Sexualized, Girly, and “Fridged” than Males. But What About Namor? Venom? Robin?
Chair: Bruno Ford

  • Shannon A. Chaput & Igor Juricevic, Indiana University South Bend
    “Female Characters are More Sexualized than Males. But What About Namor?”
  • Hannah Quinn & Igor Juricevic, Indiana University South Bend
    “Female Characters have More Girly Powers than Males. But What About Venom?”
  • Landrie Jones & Igor Juricevic, Indiana University South Bend
    “Female Characters are More “Fridged” than Males. But What About Robin?”

– — —– — –

Digital Scholarship Lab Flex Space (2nd floor) Panel 4: Narrative Innovations in Comics
Chair: Zack Kruse

  • Tiffany Babb, The New School
    “The Hero Becoming: Recognizability, Repetition, and Change in Superhero Narratives”
  • Eric Hood, Michigan State University
    “Masters of the Universe: Innovations in Comic Book Worldbuilding”
  • Zachary J.A. Rondinelli, Brock University
    “The Proof of Life Through Anti-Life: Saving the Reality Principle Through (Dis)Simulation in King & Gerad’s Mister Miracle (2017)”
  • Daniel F. Yezbick, STLCC-Wildwood
    “From Invisible Terrors to Diabolical Designs: Late Night Radio Fright Fests and the Pre-Code Horror Comics They Inspired”

– — —– — –

Beaumont Room (2nd floor) Panel 5: Bodies, Violence, and the Archive
Chair: Tamar Boyadjian

  • Monica Geraffo and Sydney Heifler, Fashion Institute of Technology and University of Oxford
    “Designing Van Dyne: The Wasp, Fashion, and an Excess of Femininity”
  • Emma Rossby, The Pennsylvania State University
    “Graphic Fabulation: Redressing Archival Violence in Sylvain Savoia’s The Forgotten Slaves of Tromeline”
  • Peter Cullen Bryan, Wilson College
    “‘I’ll Be No Man’s Mistress!’: Adaptation and Feminism in the Creation of Red Sonja”

– — —– — –

Lunch on your own
12:00 – 1:00

– — —– — –

Session B
1:00 – 2:15

Nick Sousanis Keynote Address
Digital Scholarship Lab Flex Space (2nd floor)

– — —– — –

Session C
2:25 – 3:45

Beal Room (3rd floor) Panel 1: Race, Gender, and the Superhero Identity
Chair: Josh Lam

  • Eric Berlatsky, Florida Atlantic University
    “Vermin, the ‘Seduction Theory,’ and the Psychology of Race in ‘Spider-Man: The Child Within’”
  • Sika Dagbovie-Mullins, Florida Atlantic University
    “Vermin and the Tragic Mulatto Archetype in ‘Spider-Man: The Child Within’”
  • Matt Linton, Wayne State University
    “‘What’s in a name?’: Legacies, Black Girl Nerds, and Identity in Shuri, Moon Girl & Devil Dinosaur, and Ironheart”

– — —– — –

Real Classroom (3rd floor) Panel 2: Visual Style as Communicator in American Comics
Chair: Julian Chambliss

  • Shawn Gilmore, University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign
    “Falling into Art: the Use of Fine Art in Comics”
  • Tyne Lowe, Indiana University
    “Tracing the Unlearned Line: The Question of Style in Contemporary American Alternative Comics”
  • Michael VanCalbergh, Illinois State University
    “The Universe is Watching: Backgrounds in Tillie Walden’s On a Sunbeam”

– — —– — –

Digital Scholarship Lab 201-J (2nd floor) Panel 3: Comics in/and Translation
Chair: Lynn Wolff

  • Claire Allison, University of Glasgow, Scotland
    “Farid Boudjellal – from ‘Beur’ to ‘Beurgeois’”
  • Jeremy Stoll, Columbus College of Art & Design
    “Comics as Cultural Memory: Collecting History in India”
  • Michael F. Scholz, Institute for Russian and Eurasian Studies, Uppsala University, Sweden
    “From ‘Noble Savage‘ to Comrade in the Class Struggle. The Images of Native Americans in East German Comics”

– — —– — –

Digital Scholarship Lab Flex Space (2nd floor) Panel 4: Haunted Women: Spectrality and Liminal Spaces in Contemporary Comics
Chair: Justin Wigard

  • Alex Thompson, The Ohio State University
    “Echoes of Ghosts Throughout Time in “My Favorite Thing is Monsters”
  • Morgan Podraza, The Ohio State University
    “Specters in the Archive: Paper Doll Cutouts in “Becoming Unbecoming”
  • Katlin Marisol Sweeney, The Ohio State University
    “Envisioning a Blackbird Brujeríx: Nepantla Healing in ‘Blackbird’”

– — —– — –

Session D
3:55 – 5:25

Beal Classroom (3rd floor) ROUNDTABLE:  “Academics-Cartoonists: Comics-Making as Tool and Practice”
Chair: Julia Alekseyeva

  • Leah Misemer, Georgia Institute of Technology
    “Sketchnotes as Research Tool”
  • Nick Sousanis, San Francisco State University
    “Comics-Making as Way of Thinking”
  • Julia Alekseyeva, University of Pennsylvania
    “Why Comics? Graphic Essays and the Subject”
  • Martha Kuhlman, Bryant University
    “Metamorphosis: Art, Scholarship, Teaching”

– — —– — –

Real Classroom (3rd floor) Panel 1: Building and Encapsulating Fanscapes
Chair: Salah Hassan

  • Richard Graham, University of Nebraska-Lincoln
    “In Love with Magic and Monsters: the Groundbreaking Life and Work of Rose O’Neill”
  • Daniel Wesley Worden and Rebekah Walker Rochester Institute of Technology
    “Comics in the Archive: Digital Approaches to the April 1956 Newsstand”
  • John Walsh, Indiana University
    “‘Far-Out Fanfare’: Fan Engagement in the 1970s Comics Prozines”

– — —– — –

Digital Scholarship Lab 201-J (2nd floor) Panel 2: Africana Religions, Race, and Comics
Chair:  Amy Derogatis

  • Yvonne Chireau, Swarthmore College
    “A Short History of Graphic Voodoo”
  • Paul Humphrey, Colgate University
    “Drawing Power: Identity and African-Caribbean Religions in Independent Comics”

– — —– — –

Digital Scholarship Lab Flex Space (2nd floor) Panel 3: ROUNDTABLE: The Black Panther, 1966 to 2020 and Beyond
Chair: Julian Chambliss


  • Burt Buchanan, Alabama State University
  • Carlos Morrison, Alabama State University
  • Charles W. Henebry, Boston University
  • Hollie FitzMaurice, Mary Immaculate College, Ireland
  • Ivon Alcime, Alabama State University

– — —– — –

Beaumont Room (2nd floor) Panel 4: Comics Studies at Large: Multimodal Approaches
Chair: Erik Ponder

  • John Edward Martin, University of North Texas Libraries
    “The ScholCom(ics?) Librarian: Comics and the Future of Scholarly Communication”
  • Justin Wigard, Michigan State University
    “Ludic Panels and Readable Dice: Play and Interactivity in Comics, Games, and Level 101”
  • Scott S. Elliott, Adrian College
    “Please Come Again (and Again): Reappearances of Jesus in Secular Comics”