Adam Talley –

Adam Talley has been self publishing his own comic books for close to twenty years now. He started out as a Freshman in High School with various anthology work and he printed his first indie comics on the offset press in his graphic design class. He then went to Central Michigan University where he got a degree in 2-D design, Painting and Drawing with an Art History minor, focusing on Greek, Roman and Egyptian art history. During this period he started self publishing his series Pleasant Life, which he did four full length graphic novels. In 2011 he launched a new graphic novel called Anna Pocalypse. He has done many side projects with various companies and friends and has released sketchbooks, artbooks and even wrote a full length Ebook called In the Trenches: How to Survive as a Small Press Comic Book Artist and Publisher. He runs podcasts through his Podcast Nation brand and they are available on and Itunes. Recently he has been doing sketchcards for such companies as Upper Deck, Cult-Stuff, Cryptozoic and Topps, working such sets as: Marvel Avengers, Marvel Beginnings II, The Walking Dead, Mars Attacks, White Star Line: Titanic, CBLDF Liberty and Star Wars Galactic Files. He is now working on a sequel novel to Anna Pocalypse and now the webcomics STARSLAM and PORN WORLD WEEKLY! With much more content to come!!

Andrew Fraser –,

I have had a life long interest in comics and cartooning. I attended Aquinas College in Grand Rapids Mi., where I earned a Bachelors in Fine art. I attended Oxbow summer camp in the summer of 2000, where I took a two-week course in Animation. In 2001 I married my College sweet- heart and moved to Cincinnati where I began to pursue comics as an art form. Over the last twelve years I’ve bounced around the Midwest, becoming a father, and juggling family and comics with varying degrees of success. I currently live in Fort Wayne IN with my two sons, Ian and James, my wife Nikkiya, a guinea pig named “Sweets” and two gold fish (Ron and Neptune). I enjoy standing on large rocks and swearing at the Coyotes that live in my back yard.

Bob Corby –

“Bob Corby has been self publishing since 1986. He has published 23 issues of Oh,Comics! (the current issue is celebrating Oh,Comics! 25th anniversary), 6 issues of Bunny Blues (now collected in the TPB, Big Ears & Flat Feet), 6 issues of Bunny Blues/Leaves, 6 issues of Test! (which is also now collected in a TPB), and numerous minicomics. His Fire Fang Series was published in Just Imagine Comics & Stories back in the mid-80’s. He also recently produced the art for an 8 page comic for the Ohio State University Medical Center.

He has been exhibiting at conventions since 1988 and also runs SPACE (Small Press & Alternative Comics Expo) held in Columbus OH each spring. The next show will be on April 12 &13, 2014. For more info about Back Porch Comics and  SPACE go to”

Brandon L. Hankins –

My name is Brandon L. Hankins, a 5th-year senior at MSU studying the Arts and Humanites. I’m a comicker and illustrator working in the East Lansing/Lansing area. I’m always driven to seek artistic and spirtitual growth through practice, application and reflection. It has been my dream since childhood to tell my stories through the medium of comics, and I feel that the Comics Forum is a great next step in my journey.

Bruce Gerlach –

Bruce was never that artist who as a kid drew cartoons and other stick figure related images on the walls of his home. Nope, he was the kind of kid that drew spacemen on his sheets. In ink.

Since then, he has spent his early years absorbing and being influenced by 50’s and 60’s sci-fi/fantasy movies, Hammer Films, Godzilla and ape flicks, comic books and Looney Tunes. And his imagination formed into the finely tuned clunker that it is now. Bruce now spends his creative pursuits in combing the depths in search of that elusive wreck or some hidden treasure of one kind or another.

As a freelance illustrator and sculptor, Bruce has worked with many licensed properties, such as Star Wars, Indiana Jones, The Warlord of Mars, Marvel and DC Comics for such clients as Lucasfilm, Topps, Upper Deck and Cryptozoic, among others.

His cartoons have be seen in various publications nationwide, as well as overseas. Currently, Bruce does cartoons for the Belle Isle Aquarium and for the web comic

You can view his artwork at and at the River’s Edge Gallery in Wyandotte, MI.

Chris Meeuwes -

Chris hails from the Great White North of Traverse City Mi. He’s a bearded fella who’s still new to game of comics. His work includes Terrorbads with artist Jeff Manley as well as The Naturals with Ryan Lee.

Chris Sopsich & Dave J. Woodward –

“Chris Sopsich and Dave J. Woodward are a rare creative team. They’re co-creators of a comic series that started back in 2001 when they were 12 years old and first became close friends.

Into adulthood, they tackled the idea of bringing that character into a new adventure/comedy story called Gordie Gnomo, a story about a gnome who enters unfamiliar territory and tries to establish himself as an adult after spending years as a wanderer.

Influenced by cartoons from the Golden Age of Animation (Tex Avery, Chuck Jones, Bob Clampett), Uncle Scrooge (Carl Barks), Rocko’s Modern Life (Joe Murray), Venture Bros. and Bone (Jeff Smith), there’s plenty of cartoony fodder to get out of Gordie Gnomo!

Daniel J. Hogan -

Lansing, MI cartoonist. Draws a weekly black and white ‘gag-a-day’ comic on (with occasional multi-part storylines).

David Petersen –

David Petersen is the creator of Mouse Guard. He enjoys fantasy, folklore, myth, and legend. Even more than that he loves to draw and write about it. A steady diet of cartoons, comics, and tree climbing fed his imagination and is what still inspires his work today. David won the 2007 Russ Manning Award for Most Promising Newcomer. In 2008, David won the Eisners for Best Publication for Kids (Mouse Guard Fall 1152 & Winter 1152) and Best Graphic Album – Reprint (Mouse Guard Fall 1152 Hardcover). In 2011 David won the Eisner for Best Anthology (Mouse Guard Legends of the Guard).

David and his wife Julia reside in Michigan with their Anatolian Shepherd “Autumn”.

Dean Stahl –

Dean is a lifelong fan of comics. It’s been his dedicated goal to make comics and produce stories to entertain those who read them.

Denver Brubaker –

Tales of a Checkered Man creator Denver Brubaker currently lives in Chicago, IL but grew up in western Michigan and not only spent lots of time drawing, but playing baseball and building stuff with Legos. He still loves drawing, baseball, and Legos. In his spare time he enjoys walking, drawing, reading, watching TV, old time radio shows, going to the movies or the theatre, as well as cool, old comics. If Denver wasn’t doing what he does now he is certain he would have made a great paleontologist that had cool adventures like Indiana Jones. Maybe.

Emily Zelasko –

Emily is an illustrator of comic books such and children’s books. Along with her own works such as “Old Man, Dog and the Ocean” Emily collaborates with other writers on series such as “Jinx”.

Gary Reed -

Gary Reed has a long history in the comic industry as both a writer and publisher.  As a writer, he is known for his long running horror series, Deadworld, which has just launched its latest mini-series from IDW Publishing.  Deadworld’s last mini-series won the Ghastly Award for Best Horror mini-series of the year and was also nominated in the same category in the Shel Dorf Awards, Comic Monsters, and Horror Network.  He has written over 200 comics and books including the Harvey Award nominated Baker Street, Saint Germaine, The Red Diaries, Renfield, and other books for Penguin, Image, Caliber, and more.  As a publisher, he operated Caliber Comics, one of the leading independent comic companies of the 1990’s and one that introduced dozens of today’s comic creators.  Caliber was one of the fore-runners of creator owned comics and recently, Gary announced that Caliber would be returning with a relaunch in 2014.

Gary Scott Beatty –

The first alternative comic Xeric Grant Recipient Gary Scott Beatty produced (They were called “underground” then) was on his high school’s mimeograph machine, after hours, without permission. Today, through Indie Comics Magazine (Aazurn Publishing), Gary publishes promising newcomers and veteran independent creators, introducing them to a wider audience through Diamond distribution. Gary has just released “Number One” with “Adventures of Aaron” artist Aaron Warner, a full color, done-in-one story exploring comic book history through the eyes of a comic shop owner.

James Anderson –

By day, he’s a mild mannered graphic artist, but at night (and on weekends) James becomes the artist in residence for the Strang Institute’s Mission Control. His job? Receiving transmissions from the space probe Ellie on Planet X and translating them into comic form for all to enjoy on the World Wide Web!

Jason Strutz -

Jason Strutz is the illustrator behind the Cask of Amontillado and upcoming The House of Montresor graphic novel with Enrica Jang from Red Stylo Media, The Order of Dagonet from Action Lab Entertainment. He also self-publishes a variety of Make Your Own Comics, ABC books, and other comics. You can find more at

Jay Fosgitt –

Jay P. Fosgitt is the creator of the all-ages comic book BODIE TROLL, which is published by Red 5 Comics.

Jay is also the creator of the graphic novel DEAD DUCK, which was originally published by Ape Entertainment in 2009 and became an ongoing web comic.

Jay’s other creator-owned projects are NECRONOMICOMICS, a single panel comic that lampoons horror films, which is published monthly in Rue Morgue Magazine.

Jay has also produced licensed comic book work, contributing illustrations to Boom’s ADVENTURE TIME comic book, and Ape Entertainment’s DREAMWORKS ANIMATION MAGAZINE. He’s done design work for IDW Comics, and has been a contributing writer and artist for the SESAME STREET comic book, published by Ape Entertainment.

Also for Ape Entertainment, Jay was the writer/artist on the all-ages comics LITTLE GREEN MEN, DINO DUCK, and OLD MCMONSTER’S HAUNTED FARM. He was also the character designer on the comic book SCOUTS.

Jay has contributed artwork for such sketch card series as STAR WARS GALAXY 5 for Topps Entertainment ARCHIE, SABRINA, and HACK/SLASH for 5finity Productions, and he’s worked on every MARVEL COMICS-licensed set produced by Rittenhouse Archives since 2011.

Jay’s artwork has been featured in the Eisner Award-nominated book TEAM CUL DE SAC: CARTOONISTS DRAW THE LINE AT PARKINSON’S, alongside other professional cartoonists who drew characters from Richard Thompson’s comic strip “”Cul De Sac””, with proceeds going towards a cure for Parkinson’s Disease.

Jay will also be the letterer on comic creator Guy Davis’ upcoming comic, THE MARQUIS AND THE MIDWIFE.

Jay is a member of The National Cartoonists Society. He lives in Plymouth, MI with his cat, Goonie. Visit his website at:

Jay Jacot -

Jay, being an amalgamation of graphic designer, all around artist, and storyteller took up ‘comics’ as a second language. He started out his comic career publishing the now defunct Comics Obscura anthology which showcased many incredible talents and taught him many important lessons along the way. Since the downfall of that publication he’s been working on his book The Tao of Snarky and helping many other creators bring their projects to life. Most recently, Jay has been helping out another Jay, Jay Fosgitt, in bringing his all ages book Bodie Troll to life by assisting with the digital colors and providing a pin-up for Issue #2. He also worked with Lucasfilm on the book Fight Like a Jedi a fundraiser to support Matthew Litchfield and his family while Matthew battles cancer. Jay lives in East Lansing, Michigan with his loving and supporting wife Lissa, step-son Maksen, and Mother-in-law Ann.

Jeremy Bastian –

Jeremy Bastian is a Michigan based artist, born and raised in Ypsilanti and resides in Plymouth now with his wife Emily.   He is the creator of Cursed Pirate Girl, published by Archaia Entertainment.  While contributing to other titles like Legend of the Guard vol 1 (from Archaia) and The Guild (from Darkhorse) he is working hard on vol 2 of Cursed Pirate Girl.  Called by some as “the rain man of comics” and others as “the slowest man in comics” he is continuously challenging himself to out do himself in every new page (which, incidentally, take him about a week to produce).

Jesse Hughes –

I’m Jesse- a graphic designer by day and a cartoonist by later day. I’m a sleeper by night. I’m also an animation student and a cat person and I refuse to take a side in the Skylanders vs. Infinity debate. Please take a look at my comics, CosmiCat and CatBeard the Lawn Lubber. (Bio brought to you by Writers For 1st Person Dialogue)

Jim Towe -

Jim Towe is a comic book artist currently residing in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Primarily working on self published comics, Jim has been able to showcase his unique style which has been referred to as “”a hauntingly new look of realism combined with the classic lines of silver age comics.

Jim recently wrapped up art duties on the epic drama, The Art of Guilt, available digitally at He’s currently working on a whole bunch of top secret stuff. You can keep up with Jim at

Joe Foo -

Joe Foo is the creator of Desmond’s Comic, a web comic based on the crazy adventures of a very popular wolverine. Foo is also the creator of Camp Pencil Point, which is a website designed to teach kids of all ages how to draw through use of puppets and wackiness. Joe Foo is also terrrible at writing Bios, which several of his fellow comic creators will agree is true.

Joshua Buchanan –

Joshua Buchanan is a graphic designer by day, storyteller and comic artist by night. Josh’s current work includes his own comic book, The Rocket, and has just finished work on the next run of the Eisner nominated all ages book Scratch9. More all ages books are being planned for future release.  Josh lives in Howell, Michigan with his wife and daughter.

K Lynn Smith –

K. Lynn Smith found her start in the comic world as a freelance cartoonist for her university newspaper. Currently, she is a freelance photographer, a designer at her local Chamber of Commerce, and a ye olde storyteller of the Western persuasion, via Plume.

When she’s not shooting, designing, or writing, K. Lynn enjoys traveling, yoga and occassionally seeing the sunlight.”

Killustration Studios LLC -

Killustration Studios LLC is an art/design studio devoted to sci-fi, fantasy, pop-culture, and comics. Co-owned by Kendall College of Art and Design graduates Tyler and Sara Sowles, Killustration Studios has worked with hundreds of clients both individual and professional. Remembered for their unabashedly silly blood-stained banners and branding, Killustration creates artwork to kill for. The business represents their endeavors in film, illustration, design, and comic books.

Kris Moore -

Kris is a comic book writer with a head full of ideas and a face full of beard. He’s the writer and creator of Science Girl, an all-ages sci-fi comedy series with art by the unparalleled Jesse Hughes. K-Mo is also the creator and writer of Saturday Morning Snack Attack! a comic anthology featuring snack-sized stories in the flavor of Saturday morning cartoons. When he’s not creating comic books, you can find Kris at his day job, writing game events for Tales of Illyria, a party based RPG hybrid mixing Oregon Trail and Choose Your Own Adventure game mechanics.

Matt Feazell -

My comics and spot illustrations have appeared in Disney Adventures and Nickleodeon Magazine. My regular weekly series, “The Amazing Cynicalman” appears in two Michigan newspapers (the Hamtramck Review and Flint Comix & Entertainment) as well as at Winner of the 2010 Small Press & Alternative Comics Expo SPACE Prize for best minicomic (“Board of Superheros™”) and 2005 SPACE prize for Lifetime Achievement. Currently promoting my new book, “The Amazing Cynicalman, Vol. 2″

Matt Gross –

Matt is a Comic Artist, Illustrator and Graphic Designer. He lives in Fort Wayne, Indiana with his wife, Meghan, his daughter, Georgia and his two crazy cats, Olive and Hazel. Matt was in the design field for seven years and worked on projects for clients such as Vera Bradley, Michaels, Peg Perego, Barnes & Noble and Chronicle Books. In 2012, Matt opened Boom Tube Studios, LLC, a creative agency specializing in sequential art and illustration. It’s here that Matt writes and draws the weekly webcomic, CAAATS!, which is based on his wacky real life pets. The strip first launched in February of 2011 and has updated every Wednesday since.

Mike Roll –

Mike Roll is a comic artist and illustrator from the Detroit area. He’s best known for his adorably-gruesome “Apooka” series of comics chronicling the life (death?) of an endearing, cute-as-a-button zombie child.

Nate Powell –

“is a New York Times best-selling comic book artist/writer born in Little Rock, Arkansas in 1978. He began self-publishing at age 14, and graduated from School of Visual Arts in 2000.

His work includes the critically acclaimed Any Empire, Swallow Me Whole (Eisner Award winner for Best Graphic Novel, Los Angeles Times Book Prize finalist, and Ignatz Award winner), The Silence Of Our Friends, The Year Of The Beasts, and Sounds Of Your Name.

Powell is currently drawing the March trilogy, a graphic novel autobiography of civil rights legend and sitting Congressman John Lewis (to be published by Top Shelf in 2013). He is also drawing the graphic novel adaptation of Rick Riordan’s megahit novel Heroes Of Olympus: The Lost Hero (Disney/Hyperion, 2014), while writing and drawing his own forthcoming graphic novel Cover (Top Shelf, 2017) and the short story collection You Don’t Say (Top Shelf, 2014).

From 1999 to 2009, Powell worked full-time supporting adults with developmental disabilities. He managed DIY punk record label Harlan Records for 16 years, and has performed in the bands Universe, Soophie Nun Squad, Divorce Chord, Wait, and Boomfancy. He lives in Bloomington, Indiana with his wife and daughter.”

Nick Jones –

Nick Jones grew up in a dinky town in Mid-Michigan. Because of this, he has a fondness for being alone and a fondness for blowing small things way out of proportion. Although these are bad qualities in a person, they are good qualities in a writer.  He has two kids and a Coke machine.

Robert Hendricks –

I am captivated by the art of visual storytelling. Comics were a recent discovery for me in my late 30s. Inspired by great comic storytellers like R. Crumb, Chester Brown, Joe Sacco, Jeffrey Brown, and many others, I began to try my hand at comics in April 2011 after reading the comic anthology “I Saw You..” edited by Julia Wertz. The result is “Stranger Two Stranger” – my mini comic illustrating Craigslist’s missed connections from Chicago, Detroit, New York and San Francisco. Also I am very interested in comics journalism and comics that retell historical events and profile historical figures. “The Disappearance of Gordon Page, Jr.” is my first attempt at this type of work. It is the true story of Grand Rapids, Mich. man who vanished from his adult care home in 1991. The case remains unsolved.

Ryan Claytor –

Ryan Claytor is a comics artist and professor living in Lansing, Michigan. He currently teaches Comics Studio courses at Michigan State University, the University of Michigan Flint, and Mott Community College. In 2007, he earned his Master of Fine Arts degree from San Diego State University with an emphasis in multimedia, researching autobiography in comics. Claytor’s achievements have included a 1st place S.P.A.C.E. (Small Press and Alternative Comics Expo) Prize for best Mini-Comic/Short Story, a Cartoonist in Residence position at the Cartoon Art Museum in San Francisco, California, visiting lecturerships at the Dallas Museum of Art , The Center for Cartoon Studies in Vermont, and The Savannah College of Art and Design, an internship with Marvel Comics in New York City, and judging the Will Eisner Spirit of Comics Retailing Award in 2007.  In 2009 the Cartoon Art Museum in San Francisco featured an exhibition of his work and Claytor began teaching the first “Comics and Visual Narrative” class in Michigan State University‘s history.  He has also served as the Director of the Michigan State University Comics Forum, an event for scholars, creators and fans, since 2009.  As a creator, Claytor is most widely known for his self-published, autobiographical, comic book series And Then One Day.
Seth Damoose –

Seth lives in western Michigan with his lovely wife and daughter. When he’s not drawing funny books, he’s threatening to run for office.

Sherief AbouElSeoud and Mark Tesone –

Sherief and Mark are co-creators of webcomic The Bait and founders of the webcomic site TwoForOneComics.

The Bait, following a hero of the same name through the turmoils of being a superhero. This character driven tour de force explores more than just the adventurers in heroism, but gets into the gritty real life drama surrounding the duality of being no one special while hiding a life of renown.

Believing that community is the key to creative success, Mark and Sherief founded the website TwoForOneComics where they bring together like-minded creators and give them a place to showcase and promote their work.

Stan Sakai –

Sakai is most known for his long-running anthropomorphic animal series, Usagi Yojimbo, which explores the culture and traditions of 17th century feudal Japan and has been published in 12 languages.  Recently, Sakai completed an ambitious historical mini-series, 47 Ronin, a comics adaptation of Japan’s best known tale with publisher and writer, Mike Richardson.  Sakai’s work has garnered him numerous Eisner Awards and in 2011 the Japanese American National Museum in Los Angeles, CA presented a retrospective of his 30-year career.

Suzanne Baumann –

Working (and playing) primarily in the minicomic format, I like to create humor comics that are grounded in reality and filtered through my unconscious mind. It is my goal to create images, scenes and stories that are at once relatable and surreal. Most recently I’ve published the As Eavesdropped series, inspired by conversations I’ve overheard.

Ted Woods –

Ted graduated from Savannah College of Art & Design in 2010 with a BFA in Sequential Art.  He self-publishes his own comic ‘The Book of Love’ and also does freelance and commissioned work.  He currently lives in Ypsilanti, MI.

Travis Bramble –

Travis is a freelance Graphic Desinger and Illustrator.

Zack Kruse –

I began my comics career in 2006 writing and co-creating The Contingent, a well received, independent, superhero series. Most recently, my webcomic, Mystery Solved! has become a regular feature in Skeptical Inquirer—the publication of the Center for Skeptical Inquiry. I have also have been featured various anthologies, including two volumes of Low Concept: An 11 O’Clock Comics Community Anthology and the Summit City Ink 24 Hour Comics Anthology, for which I also served as editor and art director. In addition to my creative work I served as the marketing director at Discount Comic Book Service, one of the nation’s largest comicbook retailers, from 2004 to 2011. In 2009 I founded and organized the Summit City Comic Con, which ran annually in Fort Wayne, Indiana until 2012; in 2012 I founded a new convention called Appleseed Comic Con with it’s inaugural year being in 2013. I am the editor-in-chief of the comics and review blog A Little Nonsense; I am also the founder of Summit City Ink, a collective of comic book artists and writers in the Fort Wayne area; in addition to all of that, I am the co-host of The Quad and The Distinguished Comic Book Podcast.

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